About Catherine

Hi there! I moved from Canberra to Wellington to pursue my passions in digital, tech, services, and design.

I’m looking for a multidisciplinary role where I can do the following:

  1. Understand what users and customers are doing with the product or service outside of the team
  2. Understand what barriers our service is presenting to people when they try to carry out their transactions
  3. Look at the current state and see why it is the way it is
  4. Facilitate ideas with the team about what the future state could be
  5. Research, and build hypotheses
  6. Test those hypotheses with interviewing people, evidence, case studies and data
  7. Scope solutions, prototype those solutions, and test the feasibility of all facets of those solutions
  8. Design the solution to make it desirable, intuitive, and fun!
  9. Deliver the service that meets the user needs (user being everyone involved in the transaction)
  10. Along the journey, foster the right team and culture to make all of the above happen (including awesome movements such as Agile and DevOps)

I’m finishing study with the excellent people at Enspiral Dev Academy at the end of 2018, and I’m looking for software developer roles in 2018. No coding language is beyond my appetite to learn!

Who am I, personally? I’m an avid pop culture enthusiast, reader, video gamer, Trekkie, and traveler. I am a warm, friendly, empathetic, positive servant-leader, with a courageous, resilient, and determined will to do right by those around me.

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